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Hi guys,

I made Haunted Garden, simply said, because I could. I was challenging myself to make a (working) top down shooter that is both simple and complicated. It currently has 10 levels, more might be added, depending on the support and my motivation ;).

In the current version of the game, you fight ghost's and slimes because you are a trigger happy 'Murican cowboy. You can choose between 4 different weapons to slay your enemies. Slay them all to progress to the next level.

I made the game with Game Maker Studio, contact me if you want the original files to mess around with.

Hope you guys like it, let me know if you have any bugs/tips/suggestions

And yes, bullets are meant to be shot with their casings.

Install instructions

The file is a single run time executable (.exe), so it does not need to be installed. Because it is a .exe, windows will probaly say that the file is not to be trusted.

Bear in mind that the saved files will be stored in your %appdata% folder.

How to play: (you might want to copy this somewhere)

WASD = move;

LMB = shoot;

RMB = grenade;

P = pause;

Esc = exit menu;

M = upgrade menu;

QE / 1234 = switching weapons;

R = restart;

In case of emergency:

C = add 1000 money;

N = next level;

K = kill all enemies;


Haunted Garden V1.00.exe 2 MB

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